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Hi, my name is Neta Ariely, welcome to my Independent Study blog! My friend and I were both interested in Biomedical Engineering as a field of study (specifically leg prosthetics) so we decided to pursue an Independent Study in biomedical engineering so we could learn more about it. During our research, we discovered that one of the main hindrances people with prosthetics face is an inability to easily exercise. Most exercises, running for example, require a whole different (incredibly expensive) device. Subsequently, only people who are able to afford a multi-thousand dollar prosthetic can easily exercise, which can lead to all types of chronic health issues. Physical activity therefore is wildly inaccessible to the majority of people who wear prosthetics, like veterans or those who were in car accidents, which can cause myriads of potentially fatal health problems. Join us on our journey to try and reduce the limitations people and prosthetics currently face.

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I just realized one of the photos didn’t come through on my blogpost, so here it is : )

Closing Reflection

Closing Reflection Look back at your proposal and think about the whole Independent Study experience from then to now.  Reflect on the content (what you learned) and the process (how you learned).  Compose and share your thoughts in whatever form suits you best (blog post, slideshow, video, Google doc, other…)  Please make sure to share …

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It’s done and it works everyone! I can’t believe it, it’s so amazing to see the culmination of research, interviews, design and just overall hard work. The print finished and we tried it out on the bike in the gym, and it worked! We put a spring inside the tube to help the piston move …

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YOU GUYS YOU GUYS ITS PRINTING! Okay let me calm down and catch you up. SO. Since my last post, we designed the final design on tinkercad (here it is below). There’s a hollow cylinder with a dome carved into to it, which will attach to the leg stump, and a piston will go up …

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The plan

Here’s the plan so far: connected to the stump will be a hollow tube with a dome to connect to the leg. Inside the hollow tube will be a piston rod with a ball at the end of it, which will into a ball joint connected to the pedal. This may change if we want …

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What’s been happening?

Hey everyone! Sorry for the sparse blog posts, it’s hard to figure out what to post during the design stage of this project. I am currently working on tinkercad to design parts of our “cam shaft”, which we will later 3D print. Earlier today, I worked on designing a hollow cylinder with a semi-sphere, to …

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Hi guys! We got an image of an engine from google and applied the different parts to our scenario

Half-Way through the semester reflection

What have you been learning so far? Give a brief summary.  As Ela and I are beginning the designing process of what we hope our final product will be, the main thing I’ve been learning is not to overlook anything. What I mean by this is that it’s important to take every aspect of design …

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The miracle of CamShafts

Yesterday we met with Ms. Starling and just talked more about our ideas (very exciting!!) We do want to make an upside down CamShaft that can connect to the socket of a prosthesis. Ela and I were worried about the CamShaft not being long enough to reach the pedals, but the egg-like shape at the …

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So much has happened!!

Hi!! So much has happened since I last wrote, I’m so excited. So Ela and I began the brainstorming process, which was very interesting to say the least. Some of my ideas were “interesting” but I was told by Devin Hubbard, who met with Ela and I earlier in the month, to write down whatever …

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