Reducing the costs

One of the main reasons prosthesis are so expensive is because each prosthesis has to be customized. That requires people to go into a doctors office and have measurements and scans done in order to make a prosthetic socket, which is the device that connects the prosthesis to the residual limb. If there was a way to simplify the process, that could make a huge financial difference. When we met with Mr. Babwah earlier in the week, he told us how he once made a custom orthotic on the fly by simply stepping in a wax mold to make the shape of the heel of his foot. If we could apply this towards leg and AK prosthesis, we could greatly reduce the expenses. Additionally, this week we began to toy around with the idea of whether we could make a “one size fits all” kind of device, where you would receive the general prosthesis and could adjust it to fit your residual limb. We aren’t sure if it’s possible or not yet, but we want to try to develop this idea more because it would remove a major financial obstacle.

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  1. Love the variety of approaches and influences in this work so far!

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